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One of the missions of a technological center is to carry out Research and Development activities, in order to acquire knowledge and competences that should be at the service of Industry. This can be done not only through internal initiatives, but also resorting to its contacts’ network and the very dynamic of the sector where the center is integrated.

In this context, and aiming at the growth of INNOVATION in the sectors where it is active, and at keeping up with the state-of-the-art, CENTIMFE actively promotes and takes part in R&D and formation projects for the development of new competitiveness factors directed at EXCELENCY.

Proyectos Concluidos

Since its creation, CENTIMFE has been developing projects, either integrated in previous support frameworks, or created by internal initiatives, regarding the needs recognized in the Industry.

Proyectos En Curso

Nowadays, CENTIMFE has a significant number of projects in progress, which aim at the sustained promotion of competitiveness in the industrial companies, through the reinforcement of their technical, technological and marketing capabilities and qualification of the human resources. The projects in progress conform to a wide range of theme areas, namely information technology, materials, processes, re-engineering, formation, among others.


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