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Since its creation, CENTIMFE has been developing projects, either integrated in previous support frameworks, or created by internal initiatives, regarding the needs recognized in the Industry.
Concluidos BenchmarkIndex
The Benchmarkindex Project is promoted by DTI - Department of Trade Industry, of United Kingdom, and it intends, through the use of benchmarking and its good practices, to improve SME competitiveness, enlarging to the European Community countries, the use of methodology UKBI - United Kingdom BenchmarkIndex ".
Concluidos Benchmarking
Watson defines Benchmarking as a structured learning method based on the application of the knowledge to improve work processes in organizations.
Concluidos Ce-Net
CE-NET aims to establish and develop a well co-ordinated and effective support infrastructure throughout Europe, in order to share and exchange the latest developments in the domain of Concurrent Enterprising
Concluidos ch@tmould
The main goal of Chatmould - InovaR(To Innovate) e PartilHar(To Share) Project is to develop skills and procedures that reduce some constraints in the moulds industry, both at Management and Organisation levels.
Concluidos Club RP
CLUB RP project wants also to gather big and small companies in a common “atmosphere”: a new European identity for plastic products and moulds, moving the attitude of the social groups from today’s long series production of standardised plastic products, towards more “made-to-measure” ones.
Concluidos Copperplas
This program was developed to identify industrial problems and technological opportunities that interest European Community SME's. Copperplas also intended to analyze copper alloys applicability in Injection Plastic Mould making.
Concluidos DefenseNet
DefenseNet Appliances project aims to create secure solutions based on Open Source software, used in equipments of reduced resources, and adapted to networking purposes. It will be possible its configuration through the use os an intuitive user interface, and through the use of a developed application to comunicate and set up all the available functionalities. That interface will be developed in Portuguese and English.
Concluidos Dimoldes
To provide necessary conditions to make the industrial companies become competitive, with the necessary human resources, able to support international competition challenges, namely through the modernisation of their productive, commercial and management structures.
Concluidos FRF- Fabrico Rápido de Ferramentas
Concluidos Hibridmoulde
The HibridMoulde partnership (with industrial partners, R&D institutions and the sector’s technological centre) aims to assimilate factors and strategies of technological competitiveness, developing design methodologies, optimising the production of core-cavity sets in alternative materials, using RP&RT techniques, and systematizing specific procedures for hybrid moulds.

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