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The Benchmarkindex Project is promoted by DTI - Department of Trade Industry, of United Kingdom, and it intends, through the use of benchmarking and its good practices, to improve SME competitiveness, enlarging to the European Community countries, the use of methodology UKBI - United Kingdom BenchmarkIndex ".

Portugal, through IAPMEI, integrates the initiative BENCHMARKINDEX, one of the five international projects that compose the community program REACTE. This integration is important and interesting, once it will allow to consolidate  the developed work, through the support to the Technological Innovation of SME Project - Benchmarking, and to guarantee national projects in an international context


Benchmarkindex - An European Study, intends to build a Benchmarking European Network, through Benchmarking Centers (nine states participants). The initiative will involve more than thousand and five hundred European companies.

Each participant country chooses two national Benchmarking Trainers, to spread the methodology near potential CNB - National Consultants in Benchmarking. Those entities should develop the interface between project and SMEs, and should interpret and compare the companies information, in order to recommend an improvement plan.

Until December 2001, each CNB had to develop two Benchmarking exercises on ten industrial companies.


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