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CE-NET aims to establish and develop a well co-ordinated and effective support infrastructure throughout Europe, in order to share and exchange the latest developments in the domain of Concurrent Enterprising


  • To initiate the analysis of current trends and to provide a strategic vision on CE in Europe;
  • To act as a catalyst for supporting the implementation of  CE in industry and for identifying research needs;
  • To collect, categorise and present knowledge on CE to a wide industrial and academic community in order to capitalise the existing know how;
  • To provide a forum for developing focused initiatives in the CE domain such as special interest groups or groups for international collaboration, for industry and academia.

The CE-NET will develop and update a strategic CE roadmap which will describe industrial and research needs and visions for Concurrent Enterprising in Europe. This document will be the rationale from which the direction of all tasks in CE-NET will be controlled.

The overall objective to share and exchange information will be reached by using multiple channels:

  • Structured and qualified WWW repositories will be made available for pulling distilled information about CE projects, tools, methods, industrial cases, and organisations.The CE-NET aims to provide the premier knowledge base about CE in Europe and thus to accelerate the access to this know how;
  • Selected information will be pushed by means of a project brochure for attracting new members, regular newletters for providing the CE society with pertinent information, and customised messaging for reacting to specific information needs of individual organisations;
  • Conferences and workshops will bring together people for formal and informal networking in physical and virtual meetings. CE-NET will organise the ICE conferences and organise virtual workshops;
  • Special interest groups will encourage the nodes to work in dedicated groups on specific subjects. This will also include special groups for international collaboration.

Expected Results

The results of CE-NET will be:

  • A collection of information and currents trends in industry for detailed analysis and interpretation for the provision of a strategic vision with respect to CE in Europe;
  • The provision of regular events and forums for the dissemination, share, and cross fertilisation of ideas, developments, and practices across Europe and selected international community;
  • The active distribution of CE related information, activities and developments in Europe;
  • The premier knowledge base on the WWW for CE related developments in Europe;
  • A stimulus for the development of new initiatives, actions, activities and projects that will enhance the competitiveness of European industry.

Centimfe in CE-NET

Due to the importance that Concurrent Engineering has for the Moulds Industry, Centimfe aims to be receptor of know how, technology and methodologies in this area in order to be able to transfer that know how for the enterprises of Moulds, Product Design and Conception in Portugal.

To achieve this goal, we propose to participate in the meetings, organise seminars, workshops and to make dissemination through the Internet, visits and technical magazines. Thus, through the participation in the CE-NET project Centimfe aims to attain the following objectives:

  • To stimulate the Portuguese companies for this theme;
  • To be aware of the State of the Art in terms of CE;
  • To disseminate information through modern ways, as Internet;

To incorporate the Know How that is being acquired in projects where we are involved in the area of product design and conception, such as Club RP, Round the Clock and National Network of Rapid Prototyping.


  • “University of Notttingham” - United Kingdom 
  • ADEPA - France
  • “Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science at the University of Bremen” - Germany
  • “CE Consulting” - Italy
  • “University BW Munich” - Germany
  • “Cranfrield University” - United Kingdom
  • “Technical University of Denmark” - Denmark
  • ECP - France
  • “European Society of Concurrent Engineering” - France
  • “University Polytehnica Bucharest” - Romania
  • “Swedish IT Institute” - Sweden
  • “Tampere University of Technology” - Finland
  • “University of Twente” - Holand
  • “VIT Electronics” - Finland

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