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Polymer Engineering 2004/2005


It is more and more necessary to develop the capacity to produce new products and to optimize processes, which is very important to promote the flexibility and creativity of human resources.

The University of Minho in cooperation with Centimfe, sponsored by ADI - Innovation Agency and supported by plastic and moulds industries, created the Master Course in Polymer engineering.

R&D in Polymer Engineering

The Polymer Engineering Department (DEP) was founded in 1977 to support the national plastics industry through a specific graduation course to graduate and prepare a large group of experts in Polymer Engineering.

Actually, the DEP is involved in several graduation courses in which the properties and processing of Polymeric materials are studied at different levels and within different perspecties. The DEP is also concerned in some Post-Graduation Courses, in R&D, in Polymer Engineering Science, and also in consultancy and industrial development activities for the polymer processing industry, plastics industry equipment and injection mould makers.


Polymers Project
Polymer Science and Behaviour 2
Numerical Methods I 2
Planning and Quality Guarantee 2
Polymer Rheology 2,5
Injection Molding 2,5
Mechanical Design of Moulds and Parts 3
Numerical Methods II 2
Project 3
Option a) 1
Option b) 1,5
Polymer Technology
Polymer Science and Behaviour 2
Numerical Methods in Polymer Engineering I 2
Planning and Quality Guarantee 2
Polymer Rheology 2,5
Injection Molding 2
Polymer Processing I 2
Polymer Processing II 2
Costs Engineering 1,5
Option a) 1
Option c) 4
a) Introduction to Polymers 1
a) Thermoplastics in Engineering 1
b) Costs Engineering 1,5
b) Composites Materials 1,5
    Mechanic Design in Moulds and Parts 3
    Numeric Methods in Polymer Engineering II 2
    Techniques of Characterization 1,5
    Composites Mechanics 1,5

Graduation Courses Organization

Students can choose between: Master Course and Specializing Course. In Specialization there are two optional areas: Polymer Project and Polymer Technology.

In Master Course students have to make a thesis or dissertation.

The Master Course is made in two semesters, usually with classes at weekend (Fridays and Saturdays), in Centimfe and University of Minho facilities The Specialization Course can be frequented in partial time along four semesters also in Centimfe or University of Minho facilities.


Graduated in Polymer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry Engineering with 14 marks.


For additional information please contact:

Universidade do Minho
Polymer Engineering Department

Tel: 253 510337       Fax: 253 516339


Universidade do Minho
4800 058 - GUIMARÃES
Tel: 253 510108
Fax: 253 516469


Centimfe - Technological Center for Mouldmaking, Special Tooling and Plastic Industries


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