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FRF – Fabrico Rápido de Ferramentas (Rapid Tooling)

Nowadays, the industrial companies are forced to compete on the global market, manufacturing products that have each time shorter lifetime cycles. In this domain, the companies’ relative competitiveness depends, not only of the know-how, but also of its capability to offer in productive time better quality products, technically higher advanced.

As an outcome, the companies are forced to strongly invest, either alone or in a partnership regime, creating added capabilities in the innovation and product engineering domain, as well as in the new work methodologies and also in new technologies capable of highly reduce their answer time.

It was under this intent that the RT Project – Rapid Tooling appeared. This project was submitted to the POE – Medida 2.2B, in a partnership leaded by Iberomoldes S A and having as main partners Centimfe, INEGI, INETI, AGILTEC, Ferespe, M.C. Graça e Sonafi.

The RT Project aimed to create the necessary competences and conditions that allow the production in useful time of the technical prototypes that the Industry needs in order to compete within the international market.

Main Goals:

  • To create a national and specialized net on Rapid Tooling technologies formed by R&D institutions, technological centres and moulds representative companies, female dies, special sharps and tools, casting, plastics and stamping.
  • To develop, validate and demonstrate alternative technological chains for the manufacturing tools production using the Rapid Tooling technology. With this is possible to reduce significantly costs and time at the production beginning or in the new products launching in the market.
  • To adapt the used methodologies in the manufacturing tools project in order to incorporate the new Rapid Tooling concepts.
  • To implement industrially the most important alternative chains’ production, bearing in mind the organization aspects needed to the industrial exploration of the new solutions.
  • To disseminate the projects’ Results and to promote the Rapid Tooling technologies within the Portuguese Industry.
  • To point out the technological limitations that persist and initiate collaborative research plans in these areas.
  • To promote the connection to other Rapid Tooling Chains, that already exist or that are in a promotion stage in other countries, mainly in the European Union and follow-up the R&D plans performed by the international community.

Besides the already mentioned technological goals, the project allowed the development and the consolidation of good research practices, and reinforced the cooperation between institutions that belong to the Scientific and Technological National System and Industrial Companies.





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