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In-Mould Assembling Technology

IMATECH project is promoted within the ambit of Eureka 2561! project, and it is financed by POCTI program.

The development of multi-material moulding technologies, greatly fostered during the ninety’s, allows, nowadays, to mould different thermoplastics in a single series. Thus, the number of post-moulding assembling operations, associated costs and logistics is eliminated.

Within this framing, a group of industrial companies and R&D institutions, with experience and know how in diverse materials moulding, decided to constitute IMATECH consortium.

The goal of this research group is to develop technological knowledge, in order to perform evolution in terms of an integrated manufacturing approach, including the assembling of a metallic component in bi-material moulding.

The in-mould assembling technology requires the contribution of different technologies. Therefore, IMATECH consortium intends to combine the knowledge of all those technologies, using an identified case study.


The main technological development expected from this project will be the integration of metallic components in the injection moulding of bi-material components. Furthermore, the IMATECH project will take in consideration the recyclability of the part with all its components.

One of the greatest difficulties of the project concerns with the type of one of the metallic components that will be inserted, a spring. This energy absorbent component is expected to be a major concern and the cause of great innovation in the production tool.

Expected Results

Creation of a new plastic materials injection technology, highly automatized, able to incorporate several materials and different components highly complexes and with different functionality.

Application and validation of IMATECH’s technology in a selected case study. In this situation, the issue is a complex mechanic system responsible for the servo-brakes air flux control in automotive vehicles. At the present time, this mechanic system with dynamic conditions has seven components of different materials and functions.

In general, all complex mechanic systems based on plastic and metallic components may experience the impact of IMATECH technology, thus, improving the manufacturing speed and increasing the process productivity.

It is intended to create a process/product pair able to reduce, through the integration of components, 30% of the manufacturing costs of the current system, maintaining or improving its usefulness, endurance and warrantableness.


01/06/02 - 30/06/04


  • IBER-OLEFF (Portugal)
  • CENTIMFE (Portugal)
  • INETI (Portugal)
  • TRW Lucas Varity gmbh-Koblenz
  • TRW Automotive España
  • ITA (Spain)

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