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IPORCENTRO - Development of PIM - Powder Injection Moulding in the Middle Country

The evolution of material properties and technologies for their acquisition, are considered elements of innovation in Technic Component Engineering. The material and technology developed in IPORCENTRO project are examples. In fact, actually materials (ceramics and metallic) are available in different forms, but restricted in terms of geometry.

The main goal of IPORCENTRO is to join competences in order to introduce a new technology, that becomes a competitive element of local industry, through its added value and its technological development.

IPORCENTRO Project was submitted to PRAICentro – Local Programme of Innovative Actions and was ratified last 14th November 2002.

Main Goal

IPORCENTRO aims to introduce new material technologies, in particular, PIM – Powder Injection Moulding, once it does not exhist in Portugal, and has a large application.

Importance for Local Economy

  • Creation of Employment;
  • Creation of Advanced Technology Companies;
  • Creation of new industrial concepts

In terms of economy:

  • Products diversification;
  • Economic stimulus due to products added value;
  • Strengthening of business relations
In terms of industry:

  • Development of new compounds through the use of new raw materials;
  • Development of Moulding Technology through the modification of core cavities, gates and ejectors;
  • Mould surface coating with PVD technology;
  • Processing optimisation (injection, binder removal and sintering);
  • To obtain the ideal parameters of machinability for injected parts, in order to allow other operations as threading and drilling.


United States of America, ASIA and Europe, where are located the main user companies of PIM.


18 Months (1st July 2002 – 31st December 2003)




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