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Initiative to the Improvement of Innovation and Development Potential in Plastics-Processing Companies Located in the South-Western of France, Portugal and Spain, through the Utilization of TIC

The plastics sector in South Western Europe is composed by a high number of SMEs, dedicated to moulds development, production and manufacturing and to the transformation of plastic materials in parts/components.

These SMEs bear the time-to-market pressure and they dispose neither the personnel nor the essential economical resources, in order to usufruct from the advantages and potentialities of modern Society of Information.

The access to these two factors would allow them: to response efficiently and adequately to the pressure caused by the sector’s globalization; to offer high quality and high added value services necessary to its clients what, at their turn, improve the SME’s productivity; to bear the cooperative and partnership work, vital to the productive chain; and to ease the access to effectively qualified personnel.

This project aimed to answer all these lacks through a Virtual Centre (CVP) of services and resources addressed to plastics sector SMEs located in the South-Western of France, Portugal and Spain.

The above-mentioned services comprehended the great business-related needs: technical, training and management.

A Virtual Centre is a new model created to link organizations, geographically scattered, with the ability to disseminate and transfer technology and with cooperation tradition between them. This association embodies in a TIC common infra-structure, where the transference costs are substantially reduced. CVP foreseen to be financially self-sufficient within two or three years.

IntPlasTIC project was financed by SUDOE program, within the scope of the community initiative Interrreg III-B.


  • Endow the plastics processing and transforming companies (85% are SMEs) located in South-Western Europe, with all mechanisms, what will allow them to prevent the weakest points and supply its technological needs. In this way, the project will play an expressive and direct role in what concerns the improvement of innovation and development potential, and the competitive position of this ensemble of companies.
  • Enhance the quality and performance of the plastic components.
  • Reduce the energy and materials waste, to get a higher sustainability.
  • Increment the processes’ productivity.
  • Enlarge the knowledge of UE’s and international rules and conditions.

Seeking to achieve these goals, CVP aimed its attention to real areas of the plastics-processing productive chain passible to be improved. And these areas were: part’s quality and performance, materials energy waste, processes’ productivity, knowledge and application of the technical and legal (community and international) standards.


01/01/2003 - 30/06/2005


  • ASCAMM (Spain)
  • AITIIP (Spain)
  • GAIKER (Spain)
  • CENTIMFE (Portugal)
  • CCG (Portugal)
  • Universidade do Minho (Portugal)
  • CEFAMOL (Portugal)
  • Université de Pau (France)
  • CCI PB (France)
  • ARMINES (France)


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