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Territorial Pact for the Employment on Marinha Grande


The Territorial Pact for the Employment is a community initiative to reinforce the employment politics of Member States.

This community initiative involves about sixty PTE, in fifteen countries. In Portugal were implemented three Territorial Pacts: Alentejo, Vale do Sousa and Marinha Grande.


  • To promote the industrial competitiveness and innovation;
  • To enlarge the value chain associated to the local industries, mainly, moulds and plastics;
  • To promote the local initiative;
  • Valorization of the human resources;
  • To attract external investment;


1. To consolidate partnerships:

  • Creation of a rendered services company to support the local industry, employing deficient people;
  • Creation of the Professional Training Center for Glass Industry;
  • Miller Course;
  • Development of Pense Indústria Project;
  • Creation of the Local Observatory for the Employment and Professional Training;
  • Development of a Local Development Society;

2. Enlargement of the value chain associated to the local industries:

  • Incubator of Companies;
  • Glass Area of Marinha Grande;
  • Regional Development Office;
  • Local Development Society;

3. Enlargement of the Competitive Specialization:

  • To promote the creation of SME's;

4. Warranty of social cohesion:

  • Social Intervention Project;
  • Creation of a center to old people needful of special cares;

5. Technological and Professional Training Park:

This park will be created in order to organize a strong local partnership, promoting the competitiveness and the innovation of the most dynamic industries.

It will be placed in a complex, joined together Professional and Artistic School, Professional Glass Center and Incubator of Companies. It will be built on 2002, at Industrial Zone of Marinha Grande.

Centimfe in PTE 

Centimfe presented OPEN project - Specific Opportunities of Business, to develop technologies, companies and know - how, supported by this Technological Center.

In this context, OPEN aims to promote industrial integration, through the spin-off's promotion, technological transfer and specialized training. OPEN project will be able to develop support measures as:

  • Identification of specific needs and situations of Moulds and Plastics Industry;
  • Accomplishment of studies and audits;
  • Support in investments accomplishment;
  • Implementation of Quality Managements Systems;
  • Training.

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