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PTI - Diffusion of Techniques and Technologies for the Innovation Promotion

In an each time more and more competitive scenario, is imposed to industrial companies and, above all, to the Small and Medium-Sized Firms (SMEs), to achieve high levels of distinction in their products in order to compete in European and Worldwide markets. It is necessary to invest in innovation: the differentiation ability that a company can provide to the products is related with its ability to innovate and it is at this stage that most companies needs to improve its performance – more and better innovation it’s the motto.

The existence of real obstacles for SME's from the regions of Castile-Leon and Middle of Portugal, as the lack of competitive infrastructures, the absence of sufficiently diversified and specialized industrial sectors (due to the limited use of the new technologies), existence of insufficient skilled professionals and the lack of its own resources to develop R&D (Research & Development) are some of the major weaknesses of the economical system of both Regions. This project focuses on the adoption of solutions able to boost the rise of productivity in Euroregion’s [Castile and Leon (Spain) + Região Centro (Portugal)] industrial sectors, in order to dispose of a combined technological supply capable to respond, in a consolidated way, to the needs and expectations of the Euroregion companies.

The PTI project – Techniques and Technologies Innovation Promoters Diffusion is integrated within the scope of Interreg III A España – Portugal Measure and is financed by Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, Dirección General de Fondos Comunitários y Financiación Territorial and Direcção- Geral do Desenvolvimento.


  • Encourage and put into action, in Euroregion companies, an ensemble of techniques and technologies capable to encourage innovation and the improvement of productivity, in a cross-board scenario.
  • Endow the industrial sectors of Euroregion companies with specialized information in terms of innovation and technology so that, together with the demonstrative effect of the technologies/methodologies transference actions, it could be possible to create in the companies a favourable setting to increase productivity and innovative capacity.


Stage I:
  • Information development concerning the competence areas and the technical resources of both Spanish and Portuguese Technological Centres members of the Partnership.
  • Global meetings to share ideas and debate.
  • Visits between the Euroregion Technological Centres.
  • Creation of working teams constituted by two representatives of each Euroregion C/T (commercial/technical)
Stage II:
  • Outline and prepare the methodology to apply in Euroregion companies.
  • Meeting in order to debate and define the final methodology.
  • Identification of the companies’ needs.
  • Definition of a detailed Action Plan.
Stage III:
  • Study of the common problems in Euroregion companies and designation of solutions in a personalized way.
  • Preparation of the methodology to apply and supply of innovative solutions in order to find a solution to the problems detected on stage II.
  • Selection of internal pilot projects.
  • Selection of projects in order to obtain sources of external funding.
Stage IV:
  • Promotion of the technological supply and election of 24 SMEs to carry out a technical and technological characterization study.
  • Technical and technological analysis of five companies for each Centre.
  • Selection of five SMEs to introduce the technical/ technological solutions in order to find a solution to the most common problems identified on Stage III.
  • Confirmation of the final and intermediate results (global and by project).
  • Demonstration activities.
Stage V:
  • Settlement of support services to the technological transference and to innovation.
Stage VI:
  • Technical execution direction.
  • Financial execution direction.

Expected Results:

The project is divided in six stages, each one of them with goals and results.

  • Stimulate the interchange and complementarity existing between the different active technological infrastructures, and companies in Euroregion.
  • Foster the technological supply according the existing needs in Region companies, in order to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the rendered services.
  • Create an interregional competitive capacity from the reinforcement of the managerial fabric with a productive basis, in both sides of the border.
  • Develop the cooperation with all levels of the cross-border innovation system, between companies and between these and the technological supply and, in general, between the different system agents.
  • Provide the Euroregion companies with a supply of combined technological services adapted to its real needs.
  • Create a sector/region characterizing board, which will be the basis for the election of the techniques and technologies best directed for the resolution of the companies’ real lacks, both sides of the border.
  • Make a selection of the technologies and methodologies with larger transference potential between the industrial sectors settled in Euroregion to materialize them after, in pilot projects in Euroregion companies.
  • Stimulate the Euroregion Industrial Environment.
  • Stimulate the technological supply crossed and multidisciplinary between the different infrastructures in Euroregion.
  • Create an Intranet to operate as a work tool between the project partners and that will be restricted to the project partners.


Two years (January, 1, 2003 – December, 31, 2004)








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