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RNPR - National Network of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is defined by a group of different technological processes, allowing to produce phisical tridimensional models, directly from a CAD drawing. Models are build by layers. From designed components, its possible to build manufacturing tools, in a shorter time and lower costs.

Rapid prototyping is an essencial technology for a simultaneous engineering system, demanding for advanced technologies of transmission of significative data volume.

Main Goals

a) Create a National Rapid Prototyping Network, involving R&D institutions, technological centres and companies, from mouldmaking, special tooling, die cast, plastic and product development areas;
b) Definition and testing of alternative technological chains, with industrial settings for tool manufacturing, using rapid prototyping technologies, reducing production cycle;
c) Promote connection with existing and future rapid prototyping networks.


R&D Entities : Centimfe, Inegi, Ineti, Itec, Uninova, Novodesign
SME : Iberomoldes, Ferespe, Fundição de Évora.


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