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The main goal of Chatmould - InovaR(To Innovate) e PartilHar(To Share) Project is to develop skills and procedures that reduce some constraints in the moulds industry, both at Management and Organisation levels.

  • Introduction of new methods in companies organisation that involve the improvement in labour contents;
  • Arrangement of multidisciplinary teams;
  • To set up methodologies of Human Resources Management;
  • Improvement of companies competitiveness; 
  • To promote the integration of technical young people from Universities and Polytechnic Schools into the moulds industry; 
  • To share technical and technological knowledge, by promoting the access to this information, using the Communication and Information Technologies; 
  • Integration of qualified people, with a degree level, and with a low rate of employment; 
  • Training and integration of people with difficulties in finding an occupation, in the labour market;
  • Establishment of an extended network mainly made up of key players, including all target groups, which could directly benefit or not from the results - Observatory; 
  • Development of team work;
  • To train facilitators to ensure the continuity of post-project activities;
  • Development of strategical skills;
  • Training-action, in technical and technological areas, addressed to the target-public and employees of the moulds industry;
  • Training in behavioural area;
  • Promotion of a Chat (on-line, to improve the on-line sharing of experiences, problems, solutions and suggestions;
  • Identification and adaptation of best practices;
  • Dissemination of these best practices.

Transnational Partnership

The transnational partnership established, is connected with specific structures (Technological Centres, Associations and/or Training Centres), within Moulds/Metalworking areas, located in countries, with largest productivity, specially in Spain, Ireland and Germany and linked to EQUAL projects: Modernization and Organizational innovation.

All the meetings and the sharing of knowledge will bring a much more value in the development of Chatmould. This PD wants to establish contact with well-known entities and considered "leaders" in an interesting area for the valorisation of the Project.

Expected Results

  • Dynamization of teamwork spirit;
  • Adaptation of Human Resources to the Industry;
  • Domain of Information and Communication Technologies; 
  • Promotion of Moulds Industry near Universities; 
  • ChatMould Website and Observatory (;
  • Dissemination of implemented methodologies;




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