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Nowadays, CENTIMFE has a significant number of projects in progress, which aim at the sustained promotion of competitiveness in the industrial companies, through the reinforcement of their technical, technological and marketing capabilities and qualification of the human resources. The projects in progress conform to a wide range of theme areas, namely information technology, materials, processes, re-engineering, formation, among others.
En Curso CEMICRO - Micro Manufacturing Competence Network
En Curso Clusterplast
Inter-Cluster initiative to target the future challenges for the European polymer converting industry
En Curso E-Learning Hybrid Moulds
The European manufacturers are no longer able to build conventional moulds economically and so, they have lost their competitive edge in the world market. However, it is possible to overcome this problem with the implementation of “Hi-Tech” solutions. Thus, it is possible to produce complex and high quality moulds in a short time and at low costs. To achieve this purpose, it is important that the companies have a specialized and well-trained workforce.
En Curso ENER-Plast: Reducing our carbon footprint
Da Concepção à Produção: Ferramentas para reduzir o consumo de energia e as emissões de carbono da indústria de polímeros e suas cadeias de produção (ENER-Plast)
En Curso eSeSME
The main of goals eSeSME project are to provide the plastic supply chain of SMEs with a wide range of on-line services, available at market prices.
En Curso Eurotooling 21
The actual EUROTOOLING 21 breakthrough is the foundation of a new mould making business concept, based on innovative technologies and processes which, concerning the particularities and the typical dimension of the SME companies, pushes the sector towards a new position as high added value engineering providers.
En Curso GAPI@Centimfe
Support of Intellectual Property Rights Office at Centimfe
Extreme Cycle Time Reduction of Injection Moulding Process by using High performance Injection Moulds and Moulding Processes.
En Curso IDTExplore – Creative and Innovative Community
The INOCOP project - Innovation and Improvement in the Automotive Cluster - has been approved in the scope of the Program EQUAL, Priority 03.02 – Promotion of adaptability capacity of companies and workers to the economical transformations. Currently, Action 2 is in course and will last for 24 months.
En Curso Leiria – Digital Region
En Curso Master Course and Specialization in Mould Design and Manufacturing - 4th Edition
The Portuguese Moulds Industry is a paradigm of success, detaining a share of 3% of the world market of molds for plastics and rubbers.
En Curso Mem Molde Norte
Mem Molde Norte Project was promoted by CENTIMFE. It began at January 2005 and ended at December 2006.
En Curso MINOXTOOL- Glass Moulds Production with a bronze alloy for higher development
Extension and Modernization of the Metrology Laboratory Activity
En Curso Nextplastics
Nextplastics intends to integrate a set of technologies, which will result in a differentiated and usable solution, experience and tool provider for later developments.
En Curso OPEN
Besides of being the cradle of a great quantity of companies producing moulds for plastic injection moulding, Marinha Grande is located in the Portuguese coastal region, one of the most dynamic concerning business-related activity. This situation led to the appearance of new business opportunities and, therefore, of new companies within the moulds and moulds-related sector, as well as to the progressive enlargement of the chain value of the already existing companies.
En Curso Palmiber
The aim of this project is to develop and create a particular electrical vehicle, which enables to support the mobility of children with severe neuromotor disabilities.
En Curso Palmiber Project
The aim of this project is to develop and create a particular electrical vehicle, which enables to support the mobility of children with severe neuromotor disabilities.
En Curso Pense Indústria
The difference between industrial activity image and its importance for the economy is quite concerning. The important point is getting the attention and show to the young people, that industry means creating and developing projects using the most modern technologies.
En Curso SafeWork
SafeWork is a project developed within the scope of EQUAL, Priority 3 – Adaptability, Intervention Area: Organizational modernization and innovation. CENTIMFE, CEFAMOL and University of Minho compose the partnership.
En Curso Simetria
En Curso Vetman
Pilot implementation of a Web-based learning setting for a lifelong vocational and educational training (VET) with the use of modern information and communication technologies (e-learning).

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