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Community Vocational Training Action Programme
Second phase: 2000-2006

“E-learning Hybrid Moulds”

Initial & continuous vocational ICT education
oriented on efficient professional (re)insertion
in the moulding industry
integrating high tech rapid tooling technologies
in conventional mould development

E-Learning Hybrid Moulds


The goal of the proposed project consists of the development of a new training methodology for vocational training on plastic mould development that includes the correlation of the courses, seminars / workshops and testing systems of existing conventional tooling and ICT knowledge and recent high tech sintering and high speed milling technologies.

  • It proposes an innovative approach of the teaching method using an E-learning training system and virtual laboratory.
  • It supposes the setting up of tools for training in order to implement this innovative approach.


a) Design and develop preparatory module courses for the primary target group’s persons who want to use the tools developed by the project.

b) A web-site that can be accessed by Intranet and / or Internet by all the participants involved in this project. The first frame will be set up in the first 6 months of the project proceeding and updated each 3 months.
The web-site will operate in English. Possible translation into the languages of EU partners is foreseen. It is addressed to the entire target groups and to the public.

c) Design, development and testing of E-learning tools and modules for module courses, video presentations and self-assessments, published on the web-site (available also in electronic format on the CD's), using multimedia support software (both in prototype and final form). These will be accomplished in English.
The courses are gradually designed and organized on the levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced.

d) The development of the infrastructure for the Web-site and the E-learning laboratory and training system. It will be developed in the first 6 months of the project in progress.

e) Accomplishment of E-learning laboratory in mould making domain. It will be set up in a first frame at the beginning of the second year of the project proceeding. The E-learning combines two ways of vocational training: by demonstration and case study applications. The laboratory merges the training by courses and by practice.

f) The transfer and adaptation of know-how among partners for secondary, continuous and distance learning systems by means of short documentation and retraining visits, by video-conferencing and discussion groups. This activity will be unfurled on the whole duration of the project, having as effect the making up of the products at the highest standard.

g) Testing and supporting of all above described new educational resources through pilot courses.

h) Guidebook referring to the realized products. It will be accomplished annually.

i) Setting up of a transnational open and distance vocational training network (among the project’s partners, with the possibility of its further extending), which includes the E-learning laboratory. It will be accomplished in the last third of the project.

Duration: 36 months

Start Date: 1 December 2003

End Date: 30 November 2006


  • Hogeschool Gent (BE);
  • De Nayer Institute (BE);
  • University of Maribor (SL);
  • Centimfe (PT);
  • Universidade do Minho (PT);
  • FEM engineering (NO);
  • MCP-MCO Plastics (BE).

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