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Extreme Cycle Time Reduction of Injection Moulding Process by using High performance Injection Moulds and Moulding Processes


Throughout the optimisation of the conformal cooling, it is possible to obtain an efficient thermal distribution and to reduce in about 35% of the injection moulding cycle, which will allow some benefits not only in the project, but also in the product’s manufacturing and utilisation.


The HIPERMOULDING project, aims the development and dissemination’s knowledge, in order to achieve a time reduction in the injection moulding cycle by the optimisation of the conformal cooling.

This technology intends to reduce the time of the injection cycle, the energy consumption of the injection moulds, and also to improve the injection mould durability. These goals will not only achieve a 20% cost reduction of the plastic parts, but also a better quality of manufactured parts.

Expected Results:

As a result, this project will create a technology and a methodology that will lead the sectors involved to knowledge increasing. At the end, the project results will allow to improve the European Mouldmaking Industry competitiveness.


R&D European Institutions:

  • TNO (NL)
  • CRIF (BE)
  • Centimfe (PT)
  • PERA (UK)
  • CAMT (PL)


  • Promolding (NL)
  • Van der sar (NL)
  • Saccol (BE)
  • Optim (BE)
  • LN Moldes (PT)
  • Intermolde (PT)
  • Moldes Royas (ES)
  • Sofiplast (ES)
  • Delcam (UK)
  • Mold Systems (UK)
  • Wadim Plast (PL)
  • Spamel (PL)


  • PVT (NL)
  • Agoria (BE)
  • Cefamol (PT)
  • Feamm (ES)
  • GTMA (UK)
  • STTS (PL)

Financial Support:

  • 6th Framework Program of the European Commission


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