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INOCOP - Innovation and Improvement in the Automotive Cluster

The INOCOP project was approved in the scope of the Program EQUAL, Priority 03.02 – Promotion of adaptability capacity of companies and workers to the economical transformations.  Action 1 was already developed (January 2005 to May 2005), and Action 2 is in course.

The project intends to reinforce the cooperation between enterprises of different cluster sectors, promoting the creation of communities that include companies of different sectors, a common compilation of non-competitive knowledge and the development of common R&D projects. Through the functioning comprehension and the role of the communities of practice in the cluster companies, it will be possible to develop a model of the performance improvement based on the incorporation of knowledge in the products and business processes.


  • Strengthen the competitiveness of the automotive cluster companies (components) through the promotion of intersector enterprise cooperation;
  • Promote the enterprise cooperation through the creation of communities of practice in non-competitive areas;
  • Incite cooperation practices among managers and technicians that allow the joined development of the R&D projects;
  • Create a cluster common knowledge compilation (on-line system) in areas of non-competitive knowledge;
  • Conceive, testify and produce support instruments and pedagogical resources to the entrepreneurial cooperation between companies of different sectors and the creation of communities of practice;
  • Compose a performance improvement model based on knowledge integration at the products and business processes;
  • Arrange a collaborative platform that allows the development of communities of practice;


INOCOP encloses an international component, by means of an International Cooperation Agreement named WIMPS -  Working for Innovation Management, Production and Sharing. This includes 5 Development Partnerships (PD) from different European countries:

-    WISDOM - Wissensmanagement in Clustern und transnationalen Netzwerken (Alemanha)

-    Struttura Operativa adattabilità per la Domotica (Itália)

-    PEREQUAL: Percorsi di riqualificazione addetti comparto meccanizzazione agricola (Itália)

-    MAYDAY - Model Aktywnego Wsparcia Rozwoju Pracowników i Firm (Polónia)

-    InoCoP - Inovação e Melhoria da Performance no Cluster Automóvel (Portugal)


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