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Mould Design and Manufacturing 2004/2005


The Portuguese Moulds Industry is a paradigm of success, detaining a share of 3% of the world market of molds for plastics and rubbers.

The first edition started up in October of 1999, supported by ADI - Agency of Innovation


Machining 8h
The Mould making Industry and Injection Moulding 6h
Introduction to metallic materials 8h
Introduction to Plastics 8h

1st Semester Hours UC
CAD/CAM/CAE Systems 30h 2
Injection Moulding 33h 2
Manufacturing Technologies 33h 2
Mould Design 33h 2
Seminars 30h 1
Option 1   1
Option 2   1
   Conception Products 15h  
    Plastic Materials 15h  
    Communication Networks 22h  
    Industrial Quality 15h  
    Numerical Methods in Engineering 15h  

2nd Semester Horas UC
Analysis for material 30h 1,5
Costs Analysis and Control 33h 2
Manufacturing Technologies II 33h 2
Mould Design II 60h 1,5
Seminars 30h 1
Option 3   1
Option 4   1
Option 5   1
    Rapid Prototyping 19h  
    Mechatronics 15h  
    Industrial Engineering 15h  
    Organization 15h  
    Heat Transfer 15h  
    Machines and solids 15h  

3rd e 4th Semesters * UC
* Only for students of Master Course



Two courses work with the same plan of studies: Master and Specialization. Candidates to the Master Course, after the plan of studies, have to make a dissertation during an additional semester. 

The curricular part courses works during two semesters, usually with the classes at weekend (Fridays and Saturdays). 

The Specialization Course can be frequented in partial time along four semesters. 

The classes take place in Cewntimfe's northern office, and also, in the University of Minho, in Guimarães.


To participate in Master Course is mandatory to have Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Production Engineering or other equivalent, with minimum classification of 14 values


Addicional information shall be requested to the:

Universidade do Minho

Escola de Engenharia

Campus de Azurém

4800-058 Guimarães

Fel: 253 510320

Fax: 253 510339

e-mail :

Further information:


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