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FORBEN is a Benchmarking-training project, and will occur simultaneously in several industrial sectors. The main goal is to promote and increase INNOVATION, using benchmarking as a management tool at companies service.

FORBEN results from a partnership between the GPF – Office of Partnerships and Vocational Training, PRIME, RECET – Association for the Portuguese Technological Centres, and seven of its Associated Technological Centres - CATIM, CENTIMFE, CITEVE, CTCV, CTC, CEVALOR e CTIC. IAPME is the institutional support


  • To support the creation and development of competences in Benchmarking area,
  • To promote a concept of innovation at the industrial sectors,
  • To contribute to increase competitiveness in the participant companies, either through the detection of improvement opportunities or by the formulation and implementation of plans in the adherent companies,
  • To support the definition of innovation strategies in companies, as a consequence of the good practices analysis.


  • Module 1: Business Management Processes| Training in Class | 12 hours
  • Module 2: To dynamize Benchmarking in Companies | Training in Class | 4 Hours
  • Module 3: To enable Benchmarking in Companies | Training - Action
  • Module 4: How to perform an Improvement Plan | Training – Action
  • Module 5: Good Practices | Training in Class

CENTIMFE will host the training in  Benchmarking in 2 stages that will occur between 2006 and 2008. At the first stage, the target public will be 15 companies, specifically companies workers of the mouldmaking and plastics sectors. Bearing in mind that this is an integrated training project, it is necessary the company’s participation in every modules (although you can designate different trainees, by means of the module).

 The training will be held at CENTIMFE in Marinha Grande and in Oliveira de Azeméis.

 For training in class are allowed 2 trainees for company.




Marinha Grande

Oliveira de Azeméis
  • Module 1:Business Management Processes (12 h)
21, 22 and 23 November 2006 29 and 30  November and 4  December 2006
  • Module 2: To dynamize Benchmarking in Companies  (4 h)
17 January 2007
18 de January 2007
  • Module 3: To enable Benchmarking in Companies

February 2007

February 2007
  • Module 4: How to execute an Improvement Plan
2007 2007
  • Module 5: Good Practices
2007 2007

 If you think you can improve your  company’s performance;

 If you think that your knowledge capital is a differentiator factor for your company;

 If you think that your workers have something to learn;

 If you think that is important to monitorize the impact of the improvements started in your company;



Download the registration form and send it to any of the following contacts:

  Registration Form


CENTIMFE | Inovação & Prospectiva | Benchmarking

Cristina Crespo                                 Dulcínia Santos

Telefone: 244 54 56 00      Fax: 244 54 56 01



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